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September 4, 2011

SQLPlus Debug and VIM Find/Replace

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Yesterday I was asked to help to resolve some issues for a piece of PL/SQL codes, which was provided by our client support. I was working on only error issues, nothing related to its logic. I spent about 2 hours and finally almost got the script running OK (it was too late in the afternoon). Here are two notes about the work.

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March 19, 2011

VIM Tip: Add Syntax file for svg graphics

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Today I found a graphics from Wikipedia about stomach. The graphics is a svg file, which is actually in XML. I like this type of graphics since it is a graphics in XML format. It makes it very easy to change some parts, specially some words in the graphics. I use VIM to edit the file.

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November 6, 2010

Using Excel to Compare SQL Database Tables

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It is a very common task to compare data content between two SQL database tables. If two tables are within a SQL database, I normally use TSQL EXCEPT and UNION to get difference, detail in my previous blog: Comparing Two Tables By SQL Stored Procedure.

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January 17, 2010


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Based on Wikipedia explanation, the team “cheatsheet” is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. “Cheat sheet” may also be rendered “cheatsheet”. Here are some cheatsheets I found from Google search:

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January 9, 2010

VIM Tips: Edit HTML Table from Web

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I like to explore and learn new things. It is a life time learning experience. For example, I like to use VIM to edit my text files. There are so many great and powerful features in VIM. What I know is just very tiny tip of the iceberg. There are so much to learn, and I really enjoy learning VIM.

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December 20, 2009

VIM Plugin: matchit.vim

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By default, VIM has match feature. For example, if you edit a .c file, press ‘%’ when you are at {, [, or ( char, you will see the corresponding }, ], or ) is highlighted, and your cursor will jump back the forth. It is a very handy feature. For html file, a tag like <table> is also pair case, with </table> as end tag. % char would not smart enough to find this pair. Based on the Best of VIM Tips, VIM Wiki’s Editor choice, matachit.vim is in the section of “Really useful”.

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November 23, 2009

Syntax Highlighting

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notesI posted a blog on code syntax hilighting last year. I have tried to add syntax hilighting for my program codes in my blogs since then. The color settings are based on css styles embeded in my Blogger’s html settings. The css classes I used are based on ASP.NET forum editor page settings. The problem I have is that the classes are very limited. They are limited to C#, HTML and SQL codes. It is very hard to expand my css classes to cover a wide range of codes.

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November 21, 2009

VIM Syntax Settings

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Recently I started to learn and working on Windows PowerShell scripts. PowerGUI is a nice tool as script IDE or editor. However, when I wanted to write a blog on PowerShell with some example script codes, I have to use VIM or MacVim to convert codes to HTML. By default, my VIM does not have syntax vim file for PowerShell, since it is a new script language. Then I searched for the ps1.vim on web. It does not take much time to find out one at vim.org’s syntax library

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