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February 3, 2011

My EverNote Entry: OpenRasta, OpenWrap, and OWIN

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Today I listened to a podcast by Herding Code. The podcast on Jan 25, 2011 is a very interesting and informational one. It is a talk with Seb Lambla on OpenEverthing, which includes OpenRasta, OpenWrap, OWIN and many other related resources.

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January 30, 2011

OWIN Framework as WebService in .Net

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This blog is a late post. I was on vacation back to Beijing and Wuhan during the past Christmas time and came back on Jan 16, 2011. During my time in China, unfortunately, I could not write blog since Blogger is blocked. I knew this issue and I scheduled my posts before I left. I have been busy to pick up and organize my stuff in the past week. Now I am back to normal schedule, working, web learning, doing my project and enjoying my life.

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