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October 26, 2010

Disk Utility: Repair Disk

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Today I found my iMac 24 has disk linkage issues when I tried to use OnyX to clean my Internet cache and cookies. This is the first time I have seen this problem. I know I can use Disk Utility to fix the problem. I gave it a try.

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April 30, 2010

Yes, Time Machine is a Must-Have

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My iMac 27 was ready for pick up yesterday. I got the message when I got back from work. I did not leave my work phone number when I drop the iMac, but I phoned back last Monday and told the store to phone me at work. The store did not phone me at work and left a message at my home number. It was late and I did not have car. Today this morning there was heavy snow and wind, so I decided to work from home. At the lunch time, I went to the local Apple retail store to get my iMac 27″ back.

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Time Machine is a Must-Have

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iMac 27 dead. Last night I had some friends over my place. To watch some YouTube shows, I moved my iMac 27″ to my kitchen. We had some drinks and enjoyed shows. When I moved the iMac back to my computer room afterward, my iMac was dead. It stayed in the initial white screen with spinning wheel running for ever. I turned it off and on again, nothing help. tried this morning again, the same screen. I actually realized something wrong last night and I booked only one spot the next morning at the local Apple retail store.

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