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August 2, 2011

Updated to Xcode 4.1

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oday I updated me Xcode to 4.1. It is a free version available from Apple store. That means you either have to have Snow Leopard or Lion if you want to get it. Before Lion’s release it was $5.00 from Apple Store. I have not started my iOS development for a while since I have been kept watching WWDC 2011 videos. Right now I am in the half way through 400 sessions and only 500 serials in my schedule. It is really good to learn OS and iOS new features from those session videos.

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March 10, 2011

XCODE 4.0 is Out!

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Two days before iPad 2 release, today Apple released iOS4.3 for iPhone4 & iPad, as well as massive updates(I wrote a blog today about those items). The most expected XCODE 4.0 is released. I can be purchased from Mac Apple Store at $4.99, unbelievable low price comparing to Microsoft Visual Studio ($799 from MSRP for Professional version to $3,799 for Ultimate). For registered Apple Developers($99 annual fee), it is FREE!

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