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July 17, 2011

Finished Watching WWDC 2011 Videos in -Halfway

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In the past weeks, I have been in a fast-paced way to watch WWDC 2011 videos. Right now I have finished 100(App Frameworks), and 300(Developer Tools) serials. Still three sections left: 200(Core OS, 13), 400(Graphics, Media and Games, 24), and 500(Internet and Web, 19).

I have also made some nodes in my Chinese blogs about WWDC 2011.


May 9, 2011

Sina blog

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Let me continue to explain the Chinese web services. Today it is about blog. Sina provides a wide range web services. Sina blog is one of the most popular blog services in China. From its blog main page, you will see rich contents. The most interest area in the main page is the rank of bloggers.

For example, the number 1 for the current time is Xu Xiao Ming. He is so hot that his visits and followers will blow you away comparing to most western bloggers:

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February 22, 2011

StackOverflow Flair

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My SO points is close to 2K, even I have not been intentionality to pursuit points as main purpose. However, I would like to add this new gadget like to my blog: SO Flair. I found this one this morning when I viewed my SO account. I have got great help from SO during my programming experience.

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December 23, 2010

Great Year 2010 and Embracing the New Year 2011

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Year 2010 is coming to the end. I have a great year 2010. I have been working in one company as an IT consultant for the whole year. Even though the job requirement are not very challenge, I have been always set up new heights for me and continue to learn and explore new stuff in this year. This is very productive year for me. Not only I gained so much in a wide range of areas, but I also pick some of my old skills and knowledge back, such as OPC and COM in Windows. I feel very applaud of myself when I see my accomplishments.

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January 6, 2010

Blog Editor

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Today, I tried the workpress blog editor. The editor provides two modes, one as Visual and another as HTML. Personally, I prefre HTML editor because it provides much more control for me to format my blog content. However, like most blog editors, the HTML mode is not a truely HTML editor. It has some limitations. For example, it does not ignore all the white spaces such as spaces, enter keys and tabs.

Now I am in the HTML mode, I don’t need to use <p> tag to inidcate a paragraph. This normally is not a big issue and in most cases, blog users like this feature to write blogs. However, if I what to copy and paste a block of HTML codes from other web pages, as I described in my comming blog in a week, I would have to clean up all white spaces from the block of HTML codes. In this sense, Wordress’ HTML mode is not truely HTML editor. What I need to do is use another local appication such as VIM to clean up all the un-neccessory white spaces.

I am on my vaction visiting China right now. I cannot access to my main blog at Blogger. It is blocked by China Internet gate filters. Many other sites such as Youtube, Twitter, nd other oversea Chinese web sites are not available. I really don’t understand why they are blocked. I cannot image any really threads. Actually, there are so many good stuff are not accessible for Chinese here. I visit YouTube regularly to watch Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other great technology news, shows and demos. I leared so much from those great resources. Unfortunately, all those are not available here. That’s terable pitty.

I think as long as those popular sites have some so called anti-govenment contents, there will be great chance to be blocked. Personally, I don’t think blocking regardless will bring any benefits for Chinese. As a software programmer, I feel I could not do much in this open web world.

In general, web is very much opened in China. I can still access much information as I needed. I have tried to train my friends here about software development, and to show them the trend in the web. Some in-accessibility make me feel like handicaped. Eventually, I think all those blocks will be removed. Anything will have a balance between good and bad. Web as an open world, I think its great benefits, new trend in technology and huge market will be much favour for China than just block them.

Sorry for saying so much about web in China. I could not stop it when I open this topic. OK. Stop it. I tried to train some young about HTML. In Windows XP Prof, there is no IIS or web server I can show them about http get and post methods, and css in headers. So I use this blog as a tool to demonstrate those topics. The bloger also provides a kind of HTML editor for real-time demo.

Since I cannot access to my main blogger. I have to write this blog on my alternative one here. No links to my main one.

November 23, 2009

Syntax Highlighting

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notesI posted a blog on code syntax hilighting last year. I have tried to add syntax hilighting for my program codes in my blogs since then. The color settings are based on css styles embeded in my Blogger’s html settings. The css classes I used are based on ASP.NET forum editor page settings. The problem I have is that the classes are very limited. They are limited to C#, HTML and SQL codes. It is very hard to expand my css classes to cover a wide range of codes.

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April 10, 2009

Code Syntax Highlight

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toolsThe main reason I prefer to use Blogger than WordPress is that Blogger allows me to customize my blog layout with customized scripts and css styles in my blog template. For example, I have some blogs with source codes in C#, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL. It is very easy to include codes in a blog, by using <pre> tag. However, to highlight syntax, you need to sepcify style or to use css class style. Blogger provides this feature for free but you have to pay for this feature at WordPress.

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February 1, 2009

Use Dropbox to Share Audios in Blog

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I tried to update some audio files in my blog but I could not do it in Blogger. There is one option to add videos. When I tried this to update a mp3 file(about 3-4mb), it took me long time to upload. I had to give it up. Read more detail

January 31, 2009

WordPress vs Blogger

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Just posted a blog on my original blog site: WordPress vs Blogger.

January 24, 2009

My Continuing Mac Bog At WordPress

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This is my first mac blog at WordPress, a continuing blog from MyMac on Blogger.

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