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November 21, 2010

iPhone Dev: Build + Analyze

Filed under: Programming Notes — David Chu @ 9:29 pm

There are many ways to detect iPhone project’s code potential issues such as memory leak and performance issues. One very simple way is to build with Analyze. There is shortcut key for it: Shift+Command+A.

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November 20, 2010

Powershell Scripts and Batch File

Filed under: Programming Notes — David Chu @ 9:58 pm

Normally I create a PS script project and then run it as a job in a batch file. Occasionally, I need to execute a batch job from my PS script. Here are two tips.

[

November 19, 2010

Update: Safari 5.0.3

Filed under: Life with Mac — David Chu @ 4:51 am

Today I did a update: Safari 5.0.3. It looks like that there are no any new features in this update. I did have some crash issues with Safari. Not sure if this update will resolve the issue or better than before.

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November 13, 2010

iTunes 10.1 Update: AirPlay is Out

Filed under: Life with Mac — David Chu @ 8:07 pm

The expected iTunes 10.1 update is out. The major item in the update is AirPlay. Couple things I realized new in my iTunes are that first there is one icon on the lower right corner of the main screen. This one has Apple TV option when it is clicked:

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NANT: Exec a Target with Arguments

Filed under: Programming Notes — David Chu @ 7:22 pm

Recently I encountered an minor issue when I tried to use NANT to build a Visual Studio solution. Finally I narrowed down to the problem. It was the Exec target failure when one of its parameter argument contains a space. I thought that I could use a function or tool to convert the argument (a path) from a long name to DOS short name. Unfortunately, there is not such function in NANT for Windows build.

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November 11, 2010

Mac OS Update 10.6.5

Filed under: Life with Mac — David Chu @ 3:25 am

Today Apple released the expected update of Mac OS 10.6.5. The expected AirPrint is not included in this release. There many rumours about the delay of this new feature. For me, it is not very important. I have not used print for years. All my files are either in doc, excel or pdf files. I event rarely print at work. I am expecting AirPlay coming out in iOS 4.2.

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November 6, 2010

Shortcut Key to Skip Partial Section in Audio/Video Play

Filed under: Life with Mac — David Chu @ 7:17 pm

I posted a blog on how to skip partial section in iPod Touch and iPad. Those devices are touch based devices. The corresponding feature on iMac can be done by using mouse drag. However, I prefer to use keyboard shortcut keys if possible. It is slow and sometimes painful by using mouse.

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Using Excel to Compare SQL Database Tables

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It is a very common task to compare data content between two SQL database tables. If two tables are within a SQL database, I normally use TSQL EXCEPT and UNION to get difference, detail in my previous blog: Comparing Two Tables By SQL Stored Procedure.

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