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September 29, 2009

iWork’09 Update 3

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New update is available today: iWork’09 update. Since I purchased iWork 09 recently, I got this update. Actually, I have only one problem with Keynote when it tried to load a black template while I tried to follow Apple’s video tutorial. The background was in mass colour instead of black. I tried other templates and I had same issue with background colour. Finally, I resolved the issue after I rebooted my Mac. Not sure if this has anything with the fixes in this update.

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September 23, 2009

iTunes 9.0.1 Update

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Today I got news from AppleInsider about new updates about iTunes 9.0.1. I installed the new update immediately. No reboot is required for this update but root password is required.

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September 20, 2009

Schedule a Job by using Terminal Command at

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I read a blog on 100 Mac tips and tricks. One of them is the command “say”. Basically, you can type in any text or cat a file and pipe output to say. Then you will hear your Mac speech reading the text out. I played this one with several text and text files. It was very interesting. Then I had a thought: can I schedule the speech command to some time later? I remember that in UNIX you can run a command or job by using at command. I immediately tried to use at to schedule a speech. But I failed to do it.

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September 18, 2009

LINQPad as a .Net Snippet Code IDE

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InI Posted a very simple question about “a ? b : c” expression to Stackoverflow last night. I was at Cafe with my friend discussing a case of this expression: if b and c are different types. Since we did not have Visual Studio available to test my codes out. I posted the question to Stackoverflow. Within minutes, we got several answers to confirm my guess: a Cast can be used before either one to make them the same type. The question is indeed a very simple one. However, this lead to a new discovery, at least for me, of a great IDE tool, only one EXE with 2MB size, for .Net C# snippet codes.

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September 16, 2009

My Stackoverflow Reputation Points Reach to 1K

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Today my reputation score at Stackoverflow reaches to 1007 points! The recent question on Parse String to Enum Type boosts my score over 1K points. I could touch this target earlier than up to today, but my main intention to use this web site is to help me to get the best and the quickest resources and answers for my programming questions or issues. I have not focused on gaining scores or badges at all. Therefore, I only spend some time to search and answer other people’s questions when I have time.

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September 15, 2009

Tip: Link to New Tab for Safari

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It is very annoying when you open a link in Safari with “target=’_blank'” attribute. The default action will open the link to a new window. Most browsers do have option settings to change this behaviour to a new Tab such as FireFox and IE. However, I could not find this kind setting in Safari’s Preference.

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September 13, 2009

Free CodeRush Xpress Tool by DevExpress

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toolsDevExpress released a free tool for .Net Visual Studio 2008 users: CodeRush Xpress. I found this out from DVRTV show 143: Mark Miller on CodeRush Xpress.

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Spotlight Calculation and Copy/Paste

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Spotlight is the most handy tool I use. Just press Command+Space, and then text area is displayed in the up right corner. From there , I type in a key word, or just a partial word, for my application or document. Press enter key to accept the selection. Within seconds, the application or document I want is opened.

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Updates: OS 10.6.1 and NeoOffice

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I installed the Snow Leopard’s first patch 10.6.1 two days ago. The following is the snap-shot of the installation details.

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Revised HD Space Calculation: Snow Leopard OS

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Recently I started to tack space changes before and after a new software or a update being installed. I noticed that the values I get from Get Info (from HD’s context menu) is different from the values I get from the command of “df -lhg” in Terminal. I posted a question about this to Apple’s discussion forum.

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