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January 24, 2009

My Favorite Vimperator Keys

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I have posted a blog on this issue at my Blogger: VIM + FIREFOX = VIMERATOR. The following is the re-posting this with a table layout:

Esc key: escape from any mode. If you find out keys not working, you may in some mode such as search, Insert or other modes; Press Esc to escape;
[num]gt or C-n: go to next or nth (if num is provided) tab;
gT or C-p: go to the previous tab;
g0 or g^: go to the first tab;
g$: go to the last tab;
gf or :view view the source in the current tab;
gh or gH: go to home page or new tab with home page;
gu or gU: go up parent link or root;
gi: focus the last used input field;
gb or gB Repeat last :buffer! command or reversely. Convenient to switch back to previous visited tab.
:buffers or b or B Show a list of current buffers(tabs). B lists more detailed information such as % for current tab # for previous tab.
S-h or C-o: go to the previous history link;
S-l or C-i: go to the next history link;
f or F: hint mode to display links by number. F for open link in a new tab;
;{keys}: hint mode by command keys:
a or s: save a link (prompt dialog or no dialog);
o or t: open a link in current tab or new tab;
O or T: open a link in current tab or new tab with its command in the command area(bottom);
v: view source code in the current tab;
y: yank the link;
Y: yank the link’s text;
o or t: open a link in the current or new tab. You can type in a link in the command area then press enter key;
O or T: similar as above with the current link displayed;
y: yank the current link;
a or A: add or added the current link to bookmark;
[num]h,j,k, or l: move left, down, up or right by number if num is provided or by one as default;
gg: move to top;
G: move to button;
C-d, C-u, C-b or C-f: scroll down or up with half or full page;
z{keys}: zooming
i: zoom in;
o: zoom out;
z: back to 100%;
:sav[eas]>: save the current link to disk;
/: start search in Vimperator command area;
n or N: search forward or backward;
:st[op] or C-c: stop current loading;
r or R: fore to reload the current page(R for skipping the cache);
d or :quita[ll]: close the current tab or all tabs;
u or :undoa[ll]: undo closing one or all tabs;
:restart: restart Firefox;
:ZQ: quit and don’t save current session;
:ZZ: quit and save the current session;
:ver: displaying versions of Vimperator and Fixfox;
:addon displaying firefox’s addon;
:sbar open sidebar window with optional selection: Bookmarks, History, Add-ons, Downloads, Preferences…
:sbclose close sidebar window
:saveas save current document to disk with prompt where to save.
:addons open all the add-ons and themes in the current tab.
: xall Save the session and quit


  1. […] My Favorite Vimperator Keys « Daqing Chu At WordPress (tags: vimperator) […]

    Pingback by craschworks » Blog Archive » links for 2009-08-06 — August 6, 2009 @ 10:05 am | Reply

  2. Hi, new post. May I ask you a question? Do you know how to open the link in a new window using the hint mode?
    Thanks a lot.

    Comment by znotft — November 30, 2010 @ 3:22 am | Reply

    • Type ;w. You will see hints by numbers. Type a number for a hint. The hint will be opened in a new window. Try ;t for new tab. You may use capitals such as ;W or ;T, the hint link will be displayed and ready for opening. This is a convenient way to modify a link.

      Comment by chudq — December 1, 2010 @ 1:36 am | Reply

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